Stephanie Ash is a local photographer and artisan who has

been recording the world of color around her for most of her

life.  She is proud to partner with Ruzen's Flowers to present

you with unique decorative wall art canvases to enhance your

personal space.  All the images used were captured by her and

are not available anywhere else.


   These make a perfect addition to send with a beautiful floral

arrangement and can be delivered along with your bouquet.

Or treat yourself to something beautiful!  You deserve it!

   A select sampling of these artworks are available for

immediate purchase at Ruzen's showroom where you can see

them in person and take them home with you.



Other sizes are available for order but you will need to allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Ordering and purchasing can only be done at Ruzen's storefront or by phone.

Flowers by Ruzen: 316-283-1780            Stephanie Ash: 316-282-0802

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